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Current news

We are expanding our fields of operation! Thanks to our takeover of a production site, we are able to fulfil individual customer requests in our own facility from now on.

You can specify the packaging, labelling, cuts and portions of the products. By doing so, we can tailor each product to your request.

Welcome to Fritz Vieh- und Fleischhandels GmbH

Many thanky for your interest in Fritz Vieh- und Fleischhandels GmbH!

We are your expert partner in the procurement of food produccts. Our own cold storage warehouse allwos us to constantly offer you a wide selection of products from the following areas:

Beef, pork, lamb, veal, game, fish, seafood & convenience packs.

Please take a moment to explore our services and product range.

If you have any enquiries, don┬┤t hesitate to contact us by phone at:

+49 (0)2234 / 98 21 50 !

New to the product range

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The following items are NEW to our product range:

Chicken breast, cooked & browned (calibrated & IQF)

Chicken breast strips, cooked & browned (calibrated & IQF)

salted chicken breast fillets from Brazil (6 x 2 kg)

Yakitori skewers from China and Thailand (satay-, hot chilli- and soya marinade)